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From Chef Carver's Kitchen - April's recipe

Strawberry season is coming quickly so here is a glaze that can be used as a dipping sauce or drizzle on pizza listed below:
Balsamic glaze
2 cups balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
Add all ingredients in a sauce pot and heat until sugar dissolves. Once dissolved let cool and it will be like syrup.
1. Dip strawberries in glaze and enjoy
2. Drizzle over this pizza
Prosciutto Arugula Pizza
1 pack of pizza yeast
1 cup 100 degree water
1 tablespoon honey
2 cups bread flour(King Arthur)
1 teaspoon salt
Dissolve honey in water, add yeast and stir until yeast dissolves.
Add flour and salt mix (with a Kitchen- aide  if you have one using the dough hook)
Dough needs to be smooth. During mixing if its sticky keep adding small amounts of flour until ball forms and it becomes smooth to the touch
Putt dough in large bowl coat lightly with olive oil. Cover and let proof in a warm place until doubles in size.
Place pizza stone (f you have one) in oven at 550 degrees during proofing stage
Once dough doubles punch down in the middle of the dough and place dough on floured surface press down from middle to the edges to form a pizza round. 
You can roll it out but be gentle 
If you have a pizza peel sprinkle corn meal or semolina flour on the peel surface.
Place dough on peel then top with these ingredients. ( no peel or pizza stone  use a pizza pan with holes)
1. Pour 1/4 cup heavy cream on top of dough
2. 1/2 container herb cream cheese (borsin)
3. Shredded prosciutto 4oz
4. 2oz arugula before or after cooked
5. Sliced figs(optional)
6. Shredded mozz cheese
Bake until crust browns on top and bottom
About 6 to 10 min
7. Drizzle with glaze 
Serves 3.


As you know, for many reasons, the CFCM Board decided to cancel the market scheduled for March 28th. We will keep you posted about the other upcoming market dates.   We understand how hard it is when we close market.

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From Chef Carver's Kitchen

Chef Robbie Carver is the

Culinary Instructor at the 

Johnston County Junior College


THE Strawberry EXPOSED

(shocking news!)

Check it out on Chef's page!!!


We are open year around, but our times might change. 

During "normal"  times our regular season is first Saturday in April until last Saturday in October from

9 am until 1 pm.
Winter season is every other Saturday from November through March from 10 am until 1 pm.

We have a holiday market in November and one in December from 10 am until 1 pm

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*** Please Note: We are an outdoor event and may close during severe weather including severe heat, thunderstorms, or severe cold.

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358 E. Main Street, Clayton, NC


March 28th 

Farmers Market has been cancelled.



March 27th Night Market

at Horne Square



Membership Meeting

Clayton Center

March 30th at 6:00 PM

has been cancelled. 

Stay tuned for more information.



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